Published Papers:

Selected Works in Progress:

  • Hammerle, M. and Burke, P.J. From natural gas to electric appliances: energy use and emissions implications in Australian homes. R&R at Energy Economics.

  • Hammerle, M. and Burke, P.J. Solar PV and energy poverty in Australia's residential sector. R&R at Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

  • Hammerle, M. and Burke, P.J. From thermal discomfort to wellbeing: An econometric analysis of energy efficiency in Australian social housing.

  • Best, R., Hammerle, M. and Mukhopadhaya, P. Measuring poverty in specific domains: Energy poverty. Book chapter in Research handbook on measuring poverty and deprivation.


  • Hammerle, M. and Burke, P.J. 1/04/2020 – 31/12/21. Staying cool in your home. With ACT Government (Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate and Housing ACT) and the energy retailer ActewAGL

  • Hammerle, M. and Burke, P.J. 1/05/2020 – 31/12/21. ActewAGL energy efficiency discounts. With ActewAGL.


  • How can we involve renters in the renewable energy transition in Australia?, AU$77,070, Energy Consumers Australia, 2021. (With White, L and Sturmberg, B)

  • Staying cool in your home, AU$6,000, ACT Government Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate, 2020. (With Burke, P.J.)


  • Solar PV and energy poverty in Australia's low-income and low-wealth households. Presented at the 1st International Association of Energy Economics Online Conference 2021.

    • Finalist, Best Student Paper

  • Household vulnerability and responses to energy efficiency: An Australian study. Presented at the Monash Environmental Economics Workshop 2021.

  • Powering up green finance using a behavioural economics approach. Presented at the Australasian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society 2020 conference.

  • Understanding the value of energy efficiency rebates - ANU study. Presentation to ActewAGL. 18/08/2021.

  • ACT Energy Consumer Policy Consortium. 1/12/2021.

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